Hi, I'm Paochen.
I'm a Mandarin Chinese
Language Teacher and Interpreter.

I'm Paochen LaPointe. Asa native Chinese speaker born in Taiwan, I know Chinese. Specifically, Chinese and Mandarin. I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching languages. I also translate for attorney depositions, do business interpretation, help with parent and teacher conferences and school PPT meetings for native Chinese speakers who need translation and I am involved in Chinese Community Services. 

Chinese Traditional:

你好,我是陳寶珍,我教中文有15年的經驗!我教過成人,大學生,和小孩。我也教成人速成班!第一次上課免費上課!請打電話給我(203) 812-9028。向我學中文很容易像123


你好,我是陈宝珍,我教中文有15 年的时间,我教大人,大学生,和小孩子。我教成人速成班,第一次免費上課,请打电话给我(203)812-9028。向我學中文很容易像123


My Courses:

One on One, Total Immersion.

The One on One Total Immersion Program is for individual adults and college students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly. These sessions are tailored to individual needs and are an excellent way to quickly grasp the basics for personal or business travel.

Individual lessons are $65.00 per hour

Group Classes in Total Immersion

The Group Immersion Program is for adults and college students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. These group classes are an excellent way to quickly grasp the basics for personal or business travel in a group setting where you can practice conversations with other students.

Group sessions are $395.00 per 8  classes

Both options include the following:

  • Learn Chinese Greetings

  • How to Order Chinese food

  • How to Use Chopsticks

  • How to Have a Conversation

  • Introduction to Chinese Currency

  • Learn Chinese Customs

  • Master Sounds and Tones 

Are you ready to begin learning?

Call for your 20 minutes complimentary lesson today at 203-812-9028

"A single conversation with a wise woman is better than 10 years of study."



Let's Talk, Mandarin Chinese!

Hamden, CT

Tel: 203-812-9028

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